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Artist’s Bio

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Metal Artist, Charles Welhausen, was born and raised in central Texas. Ties to the land run deep in his family and it was while working on one of his family’s ranches that Charles first discovered his passion for welding. 

“When you work on ranches things are always needing to be built and it seems like something is always breaking. This is how I was introduced to welding.”, Charles says.

His first exposure came when he took on the challenge of repairing a broken gate with a 1960’s era Lincoln SA 200 welder.

Charles admits, ” Somewhere on a ranch in Texas is the worst looking weld you will ever see in your life. I barely knew what I was doing but I will never forget the first time I welded with that old Lincoln. I flipped the mask down, struck an arc, and heard that short block engine roar to life as I was engulfed in light and the white smoke of burning flux. In that instant I was hooked and I felt like I finally understood what I was born to do.”.

Originally intending to become a certified structural welder Charles moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Finding a fertile metal arts community and scene there, Charles redefined his goals and pursued a creative welding path in order to build useful and beautiful pieces. Resurgens Metal Arts was born.

Through Resurgens, Charles can pour his love for metal and the inspiration he has for spiritual symbolism, art deco and reclaiming found objects into creating unique pieces ranging from fire pits to furniture to art.

About the Resurgens logo

Resurgens Logo

The logo is a combination of symbolism, resurrection, and reemergence. The Phoenix has a double meaning in that Resurgens Metal Arts is located in Atlanta, the city that rose from the ashes. The phoenix also speaks to the work of taking found objects and scrap metal and breathing new life into them with fire.